Norwegian small-scale hydropower company

Tikraft, formerly known as Blåfall Energi AS, was one of the leading private small-scale hydropower developers in Norway. However development assets were divested in August 2015 and after that the company has focused to operating the existing power plants.

The production portfolio consists of six wholly owned small-scale hydro power plants with a total expected annual production volume of 46 GWh. In addition Tikraft owns 55 % of the B-shares in Stølsdalselva Kraftverk AS which expected annual production volume is 21,0 GWh.

All power plants are built with state of art technology, providing low operational risk. Power plants are classified as small-scale and they are freehold, which means that they can be owned by private investors (both domestic and foreign). Turnkey operator agreement provides an efficient ownership solution.

Landlease agreements are structured to mitigate the risk of low power prices.

All power plants are eligible for electricity certificates (elcertificate) under the Norwegian/Swedish electricity certificate scheme.